Скачать мод factorization для minecraft pe

скачать мод factorization для minecraft pe

Beautiful and user friendly interface of many mechanisms. Automatic extraction of any resource. The work and storage of liquids barrels, pipes and pumps. The possibility of transporting items between chests and mechanisms will connect the mechanisms to the network.

The energy from which most of the works.

скачать мод factorization для minecraft pe

Produced by the generators t is transported on the wire. Electrical tools, weapons and quantum armour. Hevea or rubber tree: Generated in the world with a small probability, only in biomes where there is grass. In the new versions very frequently generated in the forests, jungles and swamps.

скачать мод factorization для minecraft pe

Is used to produce latex and rubber. Can be grown artificially. Most often appears in the woods, jungles or swamps. The seedling of rubber trees - drops out of the foliage of rubber tree.

Used in the grower of rubber trees for cultivation new gevey.

Grows about 10 minutes. Rarely is generated in the world because lakes with a fountain in the middle, generation more often in deserts. Looks like a dark liquid, possesses the properties of water: You can transfer using a bucket or pump to pump.

Appear more frequently in the deserts. Rarely is generated on the surface. Tapping on it will take off 2 bees. Break it out then the bees will drop the Queen and the drone. Bees can exist only with difficulty! Mixed ore - rarely generated, average deposits of no higher than level 20, mined iron or diamond pickaxe or drill.

Uranium суачать - rarely generated, small deposits of no higher than level 48, mined iron or diamond pickaxe or drill.

скачать мод factorization для minecraft pe

Uranium is needed to craft effective uranium rods. Iridium ore - rarely generated, 1 small field in chunks.

If you find it you are very lucky. Copper is very common below level Bees - sometimes only appear on difficulty.

Fly low, if they strike will begin very quickly fly away from the player. When the death of them falls bee drone drone. Mechanisms are blocks that perform some action, being in the world. For example to produce energy, handle the objects, collect resources, etc. Some mechanisms have interface. With it the movement you can put items or take them from him. The скачаиь can be one or more slots. In order to access the interface, simply click on the mechanism. To put an item in the slot mechanism, we must first choose the slot, and then press the button with the blue arrow.

To take an item from the мол slot select the slot and then press it. Left in the interface has an energy bar that shows how filled the internal storage mechanism. The interface has masticator, electric furnace, mminecraft, centrifuge, heat exchanger, fuel, generator, geothermal generator, barrels, bee hives, bat boxes, and MFE.

If the mechanism to break, then the items pw fall out.

Features of the script and how to troubleshoot:

The energy produced by the mechanisms-generators, and is transmitted through the wires attached to the mechanisms. Several wired devices form a network. All the energy produced is evenly distributed on all the mechanisms in the network that are not the generator resistance.

Mechanisms are not able to transfer energy without wires, even if you are next! Many use energy mechanisms there are internal store at which to stock up on unused energy and later be used by the mechanism. The amount of stored energy in the mechanism, click on it with the key or looking at the scale in the GUI, if it has one mechanism. Each generator has a parameter output - its voltage.

The voltage is determined by the maximum voltage of the generator. If the voltage is above the limit of any device or wires, they will burn. The voltage can be changed using transformers. The transformer has one high voltage output and low voltage 5, deploy them by using the key. The transformer changes the voltage with the passage of energy through it. If the voltage of more high voltage output, the transformer will burn. Wire - sets the power wire, chains of these blocks connect mechanisms in power grid.

The wire has resistance, which will determine the energy loss per unit wire. Steel - limit voltage В, resistance - 1. Transmits power to the grid until it fills the internal energy storage of all devices. Too there are single-slot interface, need to charge the items. The output voltage, limit voltage: At the reactor shows the heat, at the lighthouse toggles between the generator of matter shows the process of creating matter, etc.

Allows you to enable and disable mechanisms. By default, all mechanisms are enabled. Top button will appear that will show enabled or disabled. Pressing the key turns the mechanism. Turn performs only a decorative role! The generator is a mechanism that produces energy and sends it to the network. Voltage 20V Fuel generator fuel generator, id - Has an interface with 1 slot for fuel. Works like the furnace, only produces energy.

скачать мод factorization для minecraft pe

Internal storage - energy. Nuclear reactor, about him below Windmill windmill, id - installation height above 64 above sea level produces the more favtorization, the more air units in the area 9х9х9 around the wind turbine and the higher it is. Does not store energy. Voltage minevraft 0 to V Water mill watermill, id - produces the more energy, the more blocks of water in the area 3х3х3 around her.

The voltage of 8V. Geothermal generator - geotermal generator, id - has an internal storage of 16 lava buckets. Stops if energy has nowhere to pass.

скачать мод factorization для minecraft pe

Can pour lava from the barrel above it in yourself, or lava can be poured through the ммод, putting in its slot of the bucket with lava. Oil generator has internal storage for any liquid in 16 buckets. Uses some liquid to generate energy.

Has an interface with 1 slot for a bucket of liquid. Can receive liquid from the barrel above it. Also allows you to configure some of the mechanisms and rotate them with a tap on it. Capsules - the subject in which you can store any liquid, as capsules, as empty stakeouts of 16 pieces. But to drink from the capsules and pour the liquid from them is impossible. Iron, mibecraft tin and le dust in the masticator is obtained from the ore.

Copper and tin ingots and components, craft wire and some machinery. Steel ingot - the most basic element of crafting.

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Need to craft a machine block, circuits and many mechanisms. Is obtained from steel ingot. Engine block component of most mechanisms. Can be disassembled into steel ingots. Conventional and improved chip - craft components of tools and objects. Wire - sets the power wire, also falls with him. Now the wire in the inventory is subject. Is also a component for crafting circuits.


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