Скачать мод player api для minecraft 1 7 2

скачать мод player api для minecraft 1 7 2

This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. If you require more hooks or access methods to make your mod work with Player API, you can either send me a private message or post here. The additional code should then be in the next release. This API is currently used by the following mods: Previous Versions for Minecraft 1. Previous Versions for Minecraft Beta 1.

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Home Minecraft Forum Mapping and Modding: I found a bug, how do I report it here, so you can fix it? Describe the bug, in detail if necessary. When does it occur and under which circumstances? In the Minecraft-launcher Select your profile Click the "Edit Profile" button Ensure the option "Launcher Visibility" is checked Ensure the option plxyer Visibility" is set to "Keep the laucher open" Click the "Save Profile" button Click the tab "Development Console" Start the game After the error occured simply copy the lines you need from the log displayed in the laucher frame.

In windows start the minecraft client from the command line console using the following statement java -Xincgc -XmxM -XmsM -Djava.

скачать мод player api для minecraft 1 7 2

Delete it and restore your previous version from backup or start again with a clean copy. Replace the occurence of "this.

скачать мод player api для minecraft 1 7 2

Copy the Minecraft Forge decompiled sources of Player API universal to a location of your choice or just leave them where they are: EntityLiving; cannot be accessed from outside package Increase the visibility of the field EntityLiving. The method a Block, boolean, int скачсть undefined for the type EntityPlayer super.

скачать мод player api для minecraft 1 7 2

Replace the occurence of "super. Download and extract the correct version of MCP. Download the vanilla client minecraft. Download latest version of forge sources and put the extracted folder сод in the mcp root folder.

I case you want plqyer ask for my permission anyway, I recommend sending me a private message via this forum. I will most likely reply by formally granting you permission. However, this rule only applies to actual mod packs.

It is not allowed to include this API in an actual mod. In this case the following steps are recommended: Outsource your mod specific code from EntityPlayerSP. Adapt all your field accessor references with references to PlayerAPI field accessors. Make sure your mod works correctly. Another вкачать is that you want to develop a new mod with Player API.

In the end you code should look something like this: Download from Mediafire or Dropbox. Download from Mediafire or Dropbox Core 1.

Download from Mediafire or Dropbox Vanilla 1. Download from Mediafire or Dropbox Forge 1. Download from Minedraft or Dropbox Render 1. Download from Mediafire or Dropbox Bukkit 1.

скачать мод player api для minecraft 1 7 2

Client created by jamioflan: Mediafire Dropbox Server created by jamioflan: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Not Miencraft, I know - but the author wants more readers - and to be honest, he deserves them!

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Thank you for that: Released client version 1. Last edited by Divisor: I get a black screen after Mojang appears. Minnecraft is my second to last requirement AudioMod. Too addicted with Counter-Strike: Source for some reason Quote from Binkan Salaryman. Will you be able to "float" as a Ghast? I really enjoy this mod.

скачать мод player api для minecraft 1 7 2

P for endermen makes you pick up a block no matter what it is. P for creepers held down makes you explode. P for skeleton makes the bow fire. Keep up the good work. Any chance you could make it possible to have a rendermob file instead of just the Model file? If you are not working on it yet,but its just a sugestion Great Mod dude" "Can u please add the monsters abilities, and make them not walk through stuff when they r too big so make their size really their size Playeer bassically ghasts can fly and shoot, creepers can explode done beforeendermen can teleport, chicken can glide done beforeand those types of things hope i helped" etc Can you make a Better than wolves compatibility patch?

After a recent update BTW edits the qs.

скачать мод player api для minecraft 1 7 2

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